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CDOT: Salt Brine Will Help Keep Roads Clear This Winter

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. (CBS4)- The Colorado Department of Transportation has added another tool to its arsenal to fight slick and icy roads this winter-- salt brine.

CDOT says it's a preventative measure so it's placed on the roads before a storm hits. The brine includes three all-natural ingredients, salt, water and an anti-corrosion additive.

(credit: CBS)

The salt CDOT uses comes from Salt Lake in Utah through an evaporation process.

Magnesium chloride (credit: CBS)

CDOT says it's not getting rid of the old method, magnesium chloride, just using the salt as an additional tool to be used before a storm. Magnesium chloride will be used when the temperature drops to below 20 degrees.

(credit: CBS)

The salt mixture is cheaper than other methods and will help prevent flash freezing often seen during the evening commute.

"Brine has more surface area and it breaks the snowpack. So what we're doing now is being more proactive and more aggressive," said CDOT spokesman John Lorme.

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