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CBS News Poll: Most Americans Urge Trump To Move On From Health Care

(CBS4) - A new poll just released by CBS News shows most Americans want President Donald Trump to move on from health care to other issues, are optimistic about the president's future, but still want an investigation into possible ties between Trump associates and Russia.

President Trump's approval ratings stand at 40%, to a disapproval rate of 52%. On the economy, 44% say they believe the president is doing a good job, while 45% say they disagree. On terrorism, Americans are split 45% to 46%. On immigration, the president is battling just a 39% approval rate.

Protestors Rally Against Immigration Ban On Wall Street
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Americans are largely split on party lines on confidence Trump can pass legislation. 73% of Republicans believe he can work with lawmakers, while 15% disagree. 40% of Independents surveyed say they're confident. Just 18% of Democrats say they're confident, while 83% say they are not. For Independents, 55% say they do not believe he can pass legislation.

Most Americans surveyed say they believe the Trump administration should move on to income tax reform, with 56% saying the current system is unfair.

Republicans in Congress are battling just a 29% approval rating. Nearly two-thirds say they disapprove, with 8% casting a "not sure" vote.

Democrats do not fare much better, gaining just a 33% approval rating. 58% of those surveyed say they disapprove of Democrats, and 9% say they aren't sure.

The US Capitol building is pictured in W
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On health care, 58% of Americans polled say they are glad the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare did not pass, while 32% are frustrated.

When asked if the FBI should launch an investigation into potential links between Trump associates and the Russian government, 63% of everyone surveyed said an investigation was necessary. Broken down by party, 35% of Republicans agreed, while 82% of Democrats said they feel the FBI should intervene. Two-thirds of Independents agreed on an investigation.

FBI Director James Comey Briefs Senators On Capitol On Intelligence Matters
James Comey (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

CBS News polled more than 1,000 total respondents for their survey.


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