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Casa Bonita Sale Hits Another Bump In The Road

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) - A group of local investors hopes to to block the sale of Casa Bonita in Lakewood. The iconic restaurant and entertainment venue is set to be in the hands of Comedy Central's "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Casa Bonita Rally
Fans of Casa Bonita attend a rally outside Casa Bonita on April 24. (credit: Evan Semón/CBS)

"Before South Park showed up, we put in an offer and we got a very reasonable counteroffer," said Andrew Novick the leader of "We've always wanted to have a say in the future of Casa Bonita."

Novick has used money from an online campaign that raised nearly $70,000 to stay invested in the bankruptcy proceedings. He's also organized a group of local restaurateurs, artists and advocates to try and buy Casa Bonita throughout the pandemic.

On Monday, the group filed an objection to the sale of Casa Bonita to the group associated with Parker and Stone.

"Our objection has to do with the fact that the landlord is really choosing the preferred buyer for the owner. They're really coercing him into picking that group, instead of our group," Novick said.

CASA BONITA CONTRACT PKG.transfer_frame_445
(credit: CBS)

Parker and Stone have a deal to buy the property, but it must pass through bankruptcy court first.

Novick says his group's biggest concern is changing the look and feel of the decades-old iconic landmark.

"Casa Bonita is part of South Park. South Park is not part of Casa Bonita," he said. "I wouldn't be doing our supporters' justice if we didn't follow it to the very end."

A judge will decide on the objection to the sale. A timeline for that decision isn't known and could happen at any time. A hearing that could approve the sale to Parker and Stone's group is scheduled for Dec. 1.

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