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Activists Want To Save Geese From Future Culling Campaign

DENVER (CBS4)- One group wants to make sure that no more geese are killed in a culling program initiated by Denver Parks and Recreation. The culling program is a partnership between the city of Denver Parks and Recreation Department and the USDA.

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The two organizations had reached an agreement to cull the geese from city parks earlier this summer because they say overpopulation had become an aesthetic and environmental menace.

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In June, Parks and Recreation Deputy Executive Director Scott Gilmore told CBS4, "Geese poop in or parks is one of the biggest complaints we have. It makes our algae bloom a lot worse. It actually aggravates e-coli and avian botulism in the water."

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"Canada Geese Protection Colorado" delivered a petition to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock's office on Tuesday afternoon. The 5,742 signatures are calling for an end to the extermination of geese in Denver's city parks. Those signatures were gathered in a six-week period.

The group says the city should focus on humane, non-lethal ways to control the population and take care of the goose poop problem.

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"Do what Boulder Reservoir has successfully done and that is to use a tow and clean goose poop machine. There is a current model, Pro 1500, and it happens to be on sale," Canada Geese Protection Colorado member Carole Woodall.

The group claims that 1,662 geese were exterminated from four parks this summer. The meat was used to feed those less fortunate.

LINK: City and County of Denver Geese Management Plan

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