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'True Happiness': Kids Find Joy And Purpose While Volunteering At Camp Kind

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – It's one of the most important lessons to learn in life: how to be kind. And there's a day camp here in Colorado teaching students how to do just that. It's called "Camp Kind," and it's open to children ages 7-14.

It nurtures children who have a passion for helping others and the environment through a camp experience. Campers are able to volunteer with local non-profits in an effort to promote philanthropy.

On Monday, about a dozen campers helped pull weeds and prepare food at "Milk and Honey," a farm in Boulder.

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Camp Kind's founder, Rabbi Benjy Brackman, says it all began five years ago with a phone call.

"(That call was) from a mom who was looking for some type of community service for her step son who was visiting from the east coast," Brackman explained. "I had this big fence outside my synagogue that needed painting and I thought this would be a great opportunity for him to do community service and help us out."

Brackman says, at the end, the boy ended up thanking him, despite the fact that he had done all the work.

"I was shocked. I was like, 'Why are you thanking me?' And I realized that the smile and good wishes were coming from a deep feeling that he had done something meaningful and impactful over his summer."

Thus began the idea of Camp Kind; the following summer, Brackman organized a day camp and invited others to come give back to the community through volunteering and spreading the love.

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"It's true happiness," said attendee Zuko Sanders at the camp's most recent event on Monday. Sanders says it's not the first summer camp he's ever been to, but it's by far his favorite.

"When you're helping people, you're being kind and you're having a happy time. Sometimes it can be stressful, but it's really fun and you can be happy in it. Sometimes you just have to go through it. When you go through the stressful stuff it turns out to be really fun," Sanders said.

Brackman says that's the lesson he hopes all campers take away from their time at Camp Kind.

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"We really believe that kids have their way to tap into their true self which is the best way to express how we are. It's by being kind. We like to change the paradigm how kids think about themselves -- as being good people," said Brackman. "Kindness makes the world go 'round."

Camp Kind is taking campers. To learn more:

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