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Broncos Will Have Brock Osweiler Dead In Their Sights

By Danny Cox

The defending Super Bowl champions lost their top two quarterbacks after last season, and many thought it would lead to a disastrous 2016. Six games into the season, they have a record of 4-2 and are tied for the AFC West lead with the Oakland Raiders. Now, they're looking to break out of a two-game losing streak and are hoping to do it against their thought-to-be future leader, Brock Osweiler.

Peyton Manning's retirement left a gaping hole in the Broncos offense, but it was expected that Osweiler would step in, take over and become their next franchise quarterback. Unfortunately for Mile High fans, Osweiler decided to leave and head to the Houston Texans to lead their offense in a strong AFC.

Football Is Business, But Broncos Still Have Osweiler In Their Crosshairs

Some realize that football is a business, and players need to do what is best for them—and going to Houston made the most sense financially for Osweiler. His former teammates in Denver understand that, but it doesn't mean they aren't looking to make him pay now that he is their opposition.

Yes, he wants to win, but so do the Broncos, and they are now over his departure.

"I don't think anybody in this locker room cares that he left,'' Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall said. "I think everybody's happy – when you're a player in this league, you're happy when another player gets his money, when he gets what he's due. So everybody in this locker room, nobody has any ill-will towards Brock.

"At the same time, it's competition and we want to shut him down. Just because it's Brock. We know Brock. He came from here and we just want to kill him. That's what we want to do.''

Those are mighty strong words, but the Broncos defense knows that the team needs a win now, and in the worst way. With the Raiders playing very good football, Denver does not want to fall another game behind, and it's time to break the streak.

Broncos To Wear Blue Alternate Jerseys For Monday Night Game Against Texans

On Monday Night Football, the Broncos will look to break their losing streak, and they are going to do it in their alternate blue jerseys paired with white pants. They have a lot of luck with those jerseys, and they're hoping it is once again on their side for this game.

C.J. Anderson
Running back C.J. Anderson of the Denver Broncos runs the ball against the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter on Nov. 1, 2015 in Denver. (credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Upon making the blue jerseys their alternate jerseys, the Broncos have worn them five times and have a record of 4-1 in them. For a long time, they had a lot of success in the blue, but decided to make them their alternates after 2011.

No matter what they're wearing, Brock Osweiler will need to know where the entire Broncos defense is at all times on Monday night. They are looking for a win, but they're also looking to bring about a not-so-welcome back homecoming for their former quarterback.

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