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Broncos Norwood Has A Passion For Running Routes, Taking Photos

DENVER (CBS4) - Broncos players certainly have plenty of different hobbies outside the game of football, but one that you don't hear about much is photography.

Jordan Norwood calls himself an amateur photographer. The wide receiver has taken many high-quality photos since arriving in Colorado and posted some of his best on his Instagram page.

Jordan Norwood Photos 2
(credit: Jordan Norwood/Instagram)
Jordan Norwood Photos3
(credit: Jordan Norwood/Instagram)

There are mountain shots, fun self portraits and artsy downtown images that showcase a natural talent. There's also a photo of Norwood proposing to his significant other at Union Station over the holidays.

Jordan Norwood Photos
(credit: Jordan Norwood/Instagram)

"I just set my camera up on a tripod and she thought I was just getting some cool Christmas pictures to put up on Instragram and I decided to get down on one knee real quick," Norwood told CBS4 on Sunday night.

The hobby is mostly on hold now, though, as Norwood, 28, gets his game going again after being sidelined last year with a knee injury.

"If you look at my Instagram lately there's no recent pictures, at least good ones," Norwood said. "It's something I'll pick up maybe if I have a day off or something."

That injury happened at a terrible time for the 28-year-old who is a bit of an NFL journeyman. Norwood spent time playing for the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers before joining the Broncos, and all the signs in August 2014 were pointing to Norwood making the final roster in Denver at that time. Then he tore his knee up during a joint practice with the Texans.

"Rehab went well, I was pretty much ready 5 and a half to 6 months from surgery, and now I don't even think about it," Norwood said.

During Saturday's Broncos win over the 49ers Norwood led all Broncos receivers with four receptions for 38 yards. His highlights included a great move on a third down route to catch a Peyton Manning pass for a first down, as well as a nicely executed crossing route later in the game that led to a catch and another third-down conversion.

Jordan Norwood
Jordan Norwood (credit: CBS)

Norwood described his mindset on that latter play as follows:

"Your eyes get big and you kind of see that it's man-to-man and you'll just be able to run across the field and hopefully with a little bit of speed you'll be able to get over there and catch the ball.

The offensive output of the Broncos so far in the preseason is a concern for some outsiders, but for Norwood everything appears to be good and getting better.

"It's exciting. From the inside it feels like we've progressed every game and moved the ball a little bit better each game and we'll look to the defense (to help out) too," Norwood said.

Jordan Norwood (1)
Jordan Norwood (credit: CBS)

The Broncos play their final preseason game on Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals.

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