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Boulder Lands At No. 1 In Study Of Real Estate Stability Across The U.S.

BOULDER (CBS4) — If you're new to the Denver metro area and in the market to buy a home, new data reveals Denver is great but not the absolutely most ideal place to search. Boulder is actually where it's at! In fact, it's ranked No. 1 in the United States when it comes to stability.

That's all according to a survey conducted by national financial planning company Smart Asset.

The study analyzed 25 years of home data. Metro areas were ranked based on two factors: home growth and the likelihood that a home would decline by 5% or more over a 10-year span.

CBS4's Mekialaya White asked a local expert, Todd Crosbie, about why that's the case. Crosbie has been a real estate consultant for more than 30 years and says the city of Boulder simply has plenty of factors going for it.

"The foundation, number one, is the college," Crosbie explained. "There's always people coming in and out. Second is the career opportunities Boulder represents. It's very heavily laden with technology. (It) makes Boulder a safe investment."

The data cites that the odds of a major drop in home prices in Boulder were 0% -- and properties in the city have increased 268% in price since 1994.

"I don't know many things that have a zero percent chance," said Crosbie. "So take that with a grain of salt and say, yes, it's stable. If it does change, the percent of decrease would be so nominal that it probably won't affect you."

Two other Colorado cities made that national list. Fort Collins was No. 4. Denver also came in eighth.

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