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Boulder Required To Wear Face Coverings: 'Customers Understand'

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - The City of Boulder became the latest municipality in Colorado to require face covering for anyone inside a business. The council unanimously approved the emergency ordinance Tuesday night, but stopped short of stretching the requirement to trails and other outdoor spaces.

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Boulder Mayor Sam Weaver said the goal is to have the public accustomed to a culture of face covering when stay-at-home orders are likely relaxed in a few weeks and more businesses open under the safer-at-home rules.

"The customers understand, the community understands they're more pleased to see us following the rules and setting the right example," said Russ Chandler, the owner of Full Cycle in Boulder. Chandler says he implemented masks for all employees and customers a few weeks ago when the governor made it mandatory for essential businesses to have their employees wear face coverings.

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"We're one or two sick employees from potentially having to close down for a long period of time," Chandler said about taking safety measures seriously.

Several other Boulder businesses that are currently open have required masks for customers, but it wasn't the law until now.

"It's extremely stressful, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't occasionally lapse myself," Chandler said. "The policy we have in place is that, if you're in any public area or within a few feet vicinity of another employee keep the mask on your face."

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The bike shop on Pearl Street closed on Monday to prepare the store for social distancing when safer-at-home orders are implemented. For now, only one party of customers is allowed in the store at a time. Markings outside keep customers spaced while they wait and signs outside say masks are required for customers.

"We need our employees to stay healthy, and we need our customers to feel confident to come shop here so for those reasons alone it's worth getting ahead of this," Chandler said.

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