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Boil Water Advisory Issued Following Water Pump Failure In Castle Pines

CASTLE PINES, Colo. (CBS4) - Repair crews fixed an equipment failure at a pump station Thursday morning that disrupted water service to residents and businesses on the west side of Castle Pines 24 hours earlier. The Castle Pines North Metro District gave its customers a "thumbs up" to resume outdoor irrigation Thursday, but Colorado health officials asked the district to also issue a boil advisory for customers planning to drink or cook with the water.

Three water pumps at the district's interconnect pump station "shorted out" Wednesday morning, resulting in reduced water pressure to homes and businesses at lower elevations in the district's service area, and little to no water pressure to those on higher ground.

The district had asked customers on Wednesday to suspend all outdoor irrigation until further notice.

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One of the pumps was re-activated Wednesday afternoon.

CPNMD sent out the following statement to its customers mid-afternoon Wednesday:

Dear Castle Pines North Metro District Neighbors:

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to rectify temporary water service issues.

We are dealing with two separate problems:

First, the chlorine injector stopped working in our water treatment plant resulting in an automatic system shut-down. We ordered replacement parts weeks ago, but those parts have not yet arrived due to supply chain issues. Our backup water supply comes from Chatfield Reservoir, through Centennial Water & Sanitation District's water treatment plant, through CPNMD's interconnect pipeline, and into CPNMD's distribution system.

That leads us to the second issue: For reasons we don't yet fully understand, all three water pumps at CPNMD's interconnect pipeline pump station shorted out.

Because the smallest of three water pumps is back up and running, residents in lower elevations now have water service, albeit with slightly lower-than-normal water pressure. Until we complete repairs on the other two pumps, residents at higher elevations in CPNMD may continue to experience extremely low water pressure.

As we continue our repair work, WE RESPECTFULLY ASK ALL RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS TO PLEASE DISCONTINUE ALL OUTDOOR IRRIGATION AND OTHERWISE CONSERVE WATER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. To lead by example, we have temporarily shut off irrigation to all CPNMD parks, trails, and open space areas.

We will notify you via broadcast email and our website homepage at when we have something substantive to report. In the meantime, please sign up for email updates! Click here to UPDATE MY CONTACT INFO and submit the brief online form.

Special thanks to Parker Water & Sanitation District staff and Centennial Water & Sanitation District staff for contributing their time and expertise in helping us troubleshoot.

Most importantly, thank you for your patience as we work to restore normal water service.

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