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Body Found In Concrete In Adams County Apartment; Homicide Suspect Russell Montoya Jr. Arrested

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - Detectives found a body encased in concrete inside an apartment in Adams County Friday. Investigators have arrested a man named Russell Montoya Jr. in connection with a homicide reported last week. The homicide reportedly happened at 7899 York Street.

Russell Montoya Jr.
Russell Montoya Jr. (credit: Adams County Sheriff)

Detectives went to the house with a search warrant on Nov. 8. At the scene, detectives confirmed that a shooting and a homicide happened inside an apartment there.

london landing 78th and york homicide body found concrete cement
(credit: CBS)

Deputies took Montoya into custody at the apartment, and identified the victim as an adult male from the Denver metro area.

York Street investigation (2)
(credit: CBS)

One week later, on Thursday, Adams County crime scene investigators were searching an apartment at that address for a body. After a lengthy search, investigators removed a body which was encased in concrete.

With so many children in the neighborhood, bus drop-offs to the area were rerouted Thursday and parents came home to a full crime scene.

london landing 78th and york homicide body found concrete cement
(credit: CBS)

"Before I knew what was going on, my daughter called me from her bus and was like, 'Mom, we can't go home, like we can't get dropped off at home!' So I left work," said Anneshia Lucero.

(credit: CBS)

Lucero shares a backyard with the apartment where the shooting occurred. She says she never heard a gun go off but has noticed a lot of foot traffic in and out of the unit.

"We have heard some disturbing things over there. I don't know what was going on but you can tell there's a lot of commotion that goes on in that area."

78TH & YORK HOMICIDE 10PKG_frame_237
(credit: CBS)

On Friday, Lucero met two of her three children at the bus stop. While she hasn't told her children the full story about what happened, she is taking the opportunity to talk to them.

"About being careful with your surroundings. You know, I always tell them, don't talk to strangers. Come straight home," she continued, "You just have to be honest and tell the truth and tell them how it really is. I mean, I'm still learning as I go too."

Anneshia Lucero 78TH & YORK HOMICIDE 10PKG_frame_802
Anneshia Lucero (credit: CBS)

Lucero says it has been a learning lesson for her personally.

"I'm really alert about who lives around us. I sign up for neighborhood watch groups… but you really don't know your neighbors, truly so it's really scary."

78TH & YORK HOMICIDE 10PKG_frame_1247
(credit: CBS)

Montoya faces one charge of first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence, a felony.

london landing 78th and york homicide body found concrete cement
(credit: CBS)
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