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Blue-Green Algae Plumes Found In Sloan's Lake Could Be Dangerous

DENVER (CBS4)- Officials across the Front Range are urging people to be cautious and stay away from dangerous blue-green algae plumes. The plumes can be dangerous.

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"The warm shallow conditions make it a prime location for algae to grow," said Elizabeth Sherer with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment. "The wind can blow algal blooms into concentrated areas when you see that green paint surface, that's when it can really dangerous."

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Signs have been posted around Sloan's Lake in Denver urging people to keep pets out of the water.

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The City of Boulder has identified two lakes with dangerous levels of algae. Wonderland Lake in north Boulder and Thunderbird Lake in southeast Boulder have signs with regulations posted around them. Pets and kids should stay out of the water. Anglers are urged to carefully clean fish.

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"Dogs are effected more because they may drink the water, they may play in the water and then they're going to clean themselves off so it's best they don't go in the water to avoid those situations," said Sherer. "It's a neurotoxin so dogs and small pets can be really effected by that, they can have all kinds of neurological problems."

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As long as humans don't drink algae they can be safe, which is why swimming in some areas is still allowed especially from boats where people won't interact with algae along the shore.

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Earlier this month, three dogs died from toxic algae in a pond in North Carolina.

LINK: Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Blue-Green Algae Blooms

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