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Scorched Trees From Black Forest Fire Find New Life As Home Furnishings

DENVER (CBS4) - The 2013 wildfire that broke out in the Black Forest community burned hundreds of homes, killed two people, and scorched thousands of acres. The only thing left for many residents was a cluster of blackened pine trees.

One woman affected by the destruction decided to utilize her burnt trees in the rebuilding process. With the help of a reclaimed wood artist, charred logs were turned into home furniture.

reclaimed wood from fire becomes vanity
Bathroom vanities from reclaimed burned trees (credit: Jennicca Mabe)

From the burned pines that had previously towered over the property came bathroom vanities and a centerpiece bar-top.

Wildfire Furnishings 1 (from Jennicca Mabe)
Countertop from reclaimed burned trees (credit: Jennicca Mabe)

For this resident, the blackened logs were all she had left when the fire ended, and they now grace her new home.

Black Forest Fire
A house burned during the Black Forest Fire (credit: CBS)

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