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Bill Would Give Renters In Colorado More Rights

DENVER (CBS4)- A bill proposed at the state Capitol would give renters more rights in Colorado.

Currently landlords only have to give tenants seven days notice if they plan to raise the rent. The bill would require 28 days notice if a landlord plans to raise rent.

Affordable Housing For Rent
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"What this bill recognizes is if there are going to be substantial rent increases or change in market, that folks who are on a month-to-month lease have more time to adjust to a rent increase or to leave and find a new place if they can't afford it," said Rep. Dan Pabon, a Democrat representing Denver.

Pabon is the bill's sponsor. He said Colorado is one of only 40 states that doesn't have at least a month's notice. The bill passed its first committee on Thursday with bipartisan support.

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