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State Bill Would Allow Patients To Speak Publicly About Unfair Terms

DENVER (CBS4) - Colorado lawmakers are discussing three new bills designed to hold company's accountable for harmful products or services.

(credit: CBS)

Supporters say some companies hide unfair terms in the fine print of contracts and take advantage of people.

Advocates say those unfair terms could cover everything from exploding cellphones to abuse.

One woman in Denver says her father received negligent care after suffering a stroke at a Denver rehabilitation facility.

Maya Mintzi (credit: CBS)

"From admission to the end, the admitting nurse didn't know anything. She said he could stand on his own when he could not. They gave him dangerous food," Maya Mintzer said.

Mintzer went on to say the staff asked her to sign paperwork including and arbitration agreement, but she declined to because it would have prevented her from speaking publicly.

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