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Big Game Bingo: Play Along As You Watch The Super Bowl!

DENVER (CBS4) - Having friends and family over to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday? Not a fan or either team and want to make it more interesting? Just watching for the commercials? Print these special Bingo cards to play at home as the action unfolds on the field!

Our partners at CBS Miami -- the city hosting Super Bowl LIV -- created six different cards you can download and print.

The boxes include everything from the traditional football plays plus "Puppy in Commercial" to "Surprise Halftime Show Appearance," to "Cheerleader Closeup" to keep it interesting for even the most novice sports fan.

Download cards 1 and 2.

Download cards 3 and 4.

Download cards 5 and 6.

Each card is designed to be used throughout the game and halftime show.

For those unfamiliar with the traditional rules of bingo, they are simple. Just cross off five in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) and yell "Bingo!" and you're the winner. Keep the game going by playing CrissCross, Four Corners and Blackout.

To make things more interesting, come up with your own prizes for traditional Bingo, CrissCross, Four Corners and Blackout.

There are six different cards so be sure to print all six, hand them to your party guests and have fun!

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