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Bicyclist Lucky To Be Alive After Hit & Run, Black SUV Sought

By Tom Mustin

DENVER (CBS4) - A victim of a hit-and-run is pleading for help finding the driver.

Javin Odegard was struck while riding his bike in Denver Sunday night. He's in the hospital recovering.

"I immediately knew my arm was broken because it was crooked," Odegard told CBS4's Tom Mustin.

Javin Odegard
Javin Odegard is interviewed by CBS4's Tom Mustin (credit: CBS)

He's is still in shock.

"I'm just lucky I'm alive," he said.

From his hospital bed at Denver Health, Odegard showed Mustin his shattered wrist and road burns -- the aftermath of his encounter with the hit-and-run driver.

"They're going to realign my wrist with my hand because my hand bones are misplaced as well."

Javin Odegard
Javin Odegard (credit: CBS)

Sunday night around 8:30 p.m. Odegard had been riding his bike near 12th Avenue and Knox Court in Denver. He went to make a left turn when he says a speeding black SUV with tinted windows plowed into him.

"I was bouncing off his side door for a good two or three seconds."

The impact launched the 26-year-old onto the pavement, several feet from his crumpled bike.

Javin Odegard
Javin Odegard's bike (credit: CBS)

"I looked up to see if the car was going to stop, because when you hit someone you should stop, but he just took off."

Nine-year-old Hector Villasenor watched the accident take place. As the SUV sped away he and his father screamed for the vehicle to stop.

"The car just went like he didn't care -- nothing,' said Villasenor.

Hector Villasenor shows CBS4's Tom Mustin where the crash happened (credit: CBS)

Odegard still needs surgery on his wrist and hand. He says he won't rest until the dangerous driver who nearly cost him his life is brought to justice.

"I just want him to be found so he's not out there targeting other cyclists. I think it's terrible he ran off without stopping and helping. "

Denver police are looking for a black SUV with tinted windows. Anyone with information on the vehicle or the driver is asked to call Denver police.

Odegard's family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with his hospital expenses.

Tom Mustin is CBS4's Weekend Anchor. He has been with CBS4 since 2002, and is always looking for great story ideas. Connect with Tom on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @TomCBS4.

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