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Top Spiritual Retreats In Colorado

Set among some of Colorado's most beautiful vistas are its many welcoming and peaceful retreats, places to replenish and revive one's emotional, mental, and spiritual health. The following are among the best spiritual retreats in the state. Some are specific to a faith or practice such as Buddhism or Jesuit/Catholic. Others are non-denominational havens for independent spiritual seekers. Though they all share the facility required for peaceful meditation and prayer, several go beyond even that to provide such amenities as yoga and meditation instruction. Look no further if you feel the need for a respite and time of rejuvenation.

Sophia Peace Center

19581 County Road 31
Dolores, CO 81321
(970) 882-4920 or (877) 246-0567

The Sophia Peace Center offers facilities for spiritual, wellness, yoga, and business retreats. It is nestled on 30 acres near Mesa Verde and Durango; featuring an outdoor pavilion, fire circle and labyrinth as well as an attractive lodge.

Accommodations: Overnight or extended stays for groups of 12 - 90; lodge rooms and family sized cottages available for individual retreats.

Amenities/Activities: Full service; including meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, catering, outdoor pavilion, vegetarian & organic menus, spa packages, courtyard, yoga and meditation rooms, workshops, and guided activities

The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya (credit: CBS)

Shambhala Mountain

4921 County Road 68C
Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545
(970) 881-2184 or (303) 468-9640

Shambhala Mountain Center is a 600 acre mountain retreat with views of forests, gentle meadows, and lush valleys. The center offers guided meditation and yoga retreats as well as a self-directed Retreat and Renewal program where you are free to commune with nature, enjoy the natural botanic gardens, meditate and reconnect with yourself.

Accommodations: Single and shared hotel rooms with private baths, standard rooms with shared baths, and dorm rooms - Visit website for availability and rates.

Amenities/Activities: Indoor and seasonal outdoor dining, picturesque views, hiking, yoga studio, and a workout facility - childcare for ages 3-15 (summer months only) - For those who appreciate sacred Buddhist/Shinto architecture, a visit to the Great Stupa and the Amaterasu Omi Kami Shrine is a must. A wealth of instructional activities and classes are offered as well, including meditation, healing, and a host of others.


Sacred Heart

4801 N. Highway 67
Sedalia, CO 80135-0185
(303) 668-4198 or (866) 930-1181

The Sacred Heart Retreat House offers a variety of silent retreats for clergy, religious and lay people. The retreats are given by an experienced staff of Jesuits, religious women, and lay spiritual directors. The retreats are open to anyone, regardless of parish or faith affiliation. They offer individually directed retreats in the Ignatian tradition (retreat attendees agree to abstain from conversation during their stay, except during the daily meetings with their spiritual director and participation in the celebration of Eucharist.

Location: Located on 280 acres in the foothills 1.5 miles west of Sedalia, Colorado on Highway 67, approximately 30 miles south of Denver and 45 miles north of Colorado Springs.

Accommodations: Attractive, simple, and comfortable furnishings and beautiful architecture provide a warm welcoming ambiance. 50 private rooms have bath and restroom facilities centrally located on each corridor. All rooms have individual temperature controls for both heating and air conditioning. There are smoke free rooms and rooms that accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

Amenities/Activities: A variety of programs are available including directed, private, and silent weekend retreats. Guests receive nutritious meals, offering a variety of foods served cafeteria style. Complimentary beverages and light snacks are also available.



(yoga centric)
Rollinsville, CO 80474
(303) 642- 0116

Located on 250 acres of pristine evergreen forests in the mountains near Boulder, Shoshoni Retreat Center offers a variety of instructional programs including yoga, meditation, hiking, health therapies, and chanting. Shoshoni offers yoga and (optional) silent retreats as well as renowned vegetarian/vegan meals.

Accommodations: Cabins, rooms, dormitories, or camping.

Amenities/Activities: Amenities include an on-site bookstore, sunny community reading room, tea on hand, yoga classes, practice meditation instruction, Ayurvedic health therapies, and private consultations.

J. Michaels is a writer based in Colorado. Learn more about him at

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