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Bears In Search Of Food, Water Break Into Mountain Homes

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)- Bears in search of water and food are targeting homes in the mountains and foothills.

"There was a bag right here just torn through, all over the place," said Coal Creek Canyon resident Marcy Manniko.

A bear broke into Manniko's garage and it wasn't the first time. She and her neighbors believe the bear has been making a habit of hunting for food around their homes.

"Smashed these windows in, climbed up on the flowers and hoisted his behind right through," said Manniko. "He was able to get on to the flower pot and balance holding on to the bricks outside and just smash it open."

They also believe it could be the same bear that ripped through an SUV a few miles away near Boulder just a few days ago.

"That was probably three or four miles from here and it's quite possible," said Manniko.

Manniko believes when the bear broke in, he was headed for her trash cans.

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She said the bear was hunting for a certain treat, "Pieces of paper and pieces of the bag, left a little trail down the stairs and out in the woods and my son found a peanut butter jar partially up the hill."

Hoping to ward off any future midnight snackers the family has a unique way of keeping wild visitors away.

"Country, country music keeps the bears away," said Manniko.


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