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A Look Back At The 1998 MLB All-Star Game Beanie Babies Craze In Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - This is the second time Coors Field and the Colorado Rockies have hosted the MLB All-Star Game and the last time it happened the team offered fans something unique. In 1998 fans got a special edition Beanie Baby named Glory, and it came at the height of the Beanie Babies craze.

Jayne Russell's kids went to the game and got three of them.

"Everybody was just like really excited, and then when they were walking out after the game that's when people started to go nuts and if they didn't get one they were offering up to $1,000 to a 13-year-old if he would sell them their Beanie Babies," she told CBS4's Dominic Garcia.

Darren Harrison, manager at Bill's Sports Collectibles, remembers the game fondly and said people were calling his store trying to find out where they could get their hands on the prized Beanie Baby.

"We'd get a lot of calls from all over the country, too. People who were collecting them nationwide would call us so we'd get a lot of action that way," he told CBS4.

beanie baby
(credit: CBS)

Some current listings were selling the Glory Beanie Baby for up to $2,500. Jaynes family still has two of them left after giving one to charity, and these days they're worth keeping for the story that comes with them.

"I was just a blast, and I think it's wonderful that this is going on in Denver."

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