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BBB Issues Phishing Scam Warning

DENVER (CBS4)- The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a phishing scam that's targeting people across the country.

The scammers are sending out emails that appear to be from the BBB. Those who open the emails could end up with a virus on their computer or even worse.

"It comes in the form of an email that ties us with the American Institute of CPAs. And it's perfect timing that it's tax season so why wouldn't the Better Business Bureau be sending this out when in essence it's not us," said BBB spokesman Dale Minglinton.

If you roll your mouse over a link on your computer, it will show you where you are going before you click. But you have to be aware of what you're looking at.

"It's just another scammer trying to get you to get to one of their links, hover on it and send you to a third party URL," said Minglinton.

"If you don't know who you're getting it from, erase it. Delete it. Actually if you do get a bad one, you can send it to our Council of Better Business Bureaus at and we're tracking that and trying to get the bad guys."


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