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Bandits Breaking Into Denver Homes And Only Taking Food

DENVER (CBS4) - "It was really, really bizarre," said Caroline Palmer, who is still puzzled by the hungry young bandit who broke into her Denver home.

"He had eaten a bag of beef jerky. There was a box of raisins … there was just food everywhere," she said.

On Sept. 4 Palmer came home to find a young man lounging in her house.

"The television was on. He was watching cartoons -- my Netflix account -- Japanese anime," Palmer said.

Palmer told CBS4's Tom Mustin the intruder was Hispanic and about 12 years old. When he saw her he immediately ran out of the house.

Police say the bizarre crime is one of at least three cases in the past two weeks where bandits only stole food after breaking into a home.

"It is certainly unusual that in a burglary it appears only food items were taken," said Doug Schepman with the Denver Police Department.

Palmer said the boy also helped himself to chewing gum and iced tea -- cash, credit cards and a laptop weren't touched.

"He just was eating, drinking and watching TV."

beef jerky bandit house
(credit: CBS)

On Sept. 8 bandits broke into Adam Gosenca's home on Quebec Street and the only stolen item? A can of Mountain Dew.

"Someone had broken in, didn't take anything and just took some of our pop," Gosenca said.

That same week a family found two young men inside their house on Humboldt Street. The men ran off with two Hot Pockets still cooking in the microwave.

Police say in all cases doors or windows were left unlocked, giving the criminals easy access to the home. Right now police do not believe the crimes are connected, and they have no motive for the crimes. They also have no leads and no suspects.

As police search for clues in a bizarre crime spree, Palmer has a message for the famished boy who polished off her beef jerky.

"I do feel sorry for him, yeah," Palmer said. "I would give the guy food if he came by looking for it."

Anyone with information in the cases is asked to call Denver police.

Tom Mustin is CBS4's Weekend Anchor. He has been with CBS4 since 2002, and is always looking for great story ideas. Follow Tom on Twitter @TomCBS4.

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