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Bald Eagle Chooses City Park As Its Hunting Grounds

DENVER (CBS4) - Multiple bald eagle sightings in recent days in Denver's City Park have been quite an experience for visitors and wildlife experts.

Scott Gilmore, a wildlife biologist with Denver Parks and Recreation, said he believes the bird or birds have chosen the large park because it's a great place for hunting.

"They are hunting and so this bird has picked City Park as its place that it's hanging out," said Gilmore.

City Park has plenty of squirrels, Canadian Geese and other animals for the birds to prey upon.

"You could be lucky enough (to see) this bird to maybe swoop down and maybe grab something up and kill it and eat it," said Gilmore.

The bald eagle sightings have certainly caused a stir with staff at the Denver Zoo.

"The eagle was spotted right in front of our new exhibit," said Joe Garcia, an environmental educator at the zoo. "It's very uncommon when you see them, so any time you get a chance to see them it's a big event."

While eagles typically hunt fish and other wild animals, Gilmore warns all visitors to City Park to keep their small dogs on a leash.

"If you have a small dog, yes this bird could take your small dog and kill your dog," said Gilmore. "It doesn't differentiate between your pet and this squirrel that's right behind us."

Gilmore said park visitors will likely see the same bird in the park during daylight hours.

People are asked to leave the eagles alone and urged not to feed them.

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