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Baby Moose Takes A Break In Lobby Of Antlers Hotel In Vail

VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) - A baby moose wandered into the Antlers Hotel in Vail Monday morning.

The moose ended up in the lobby when it tried to get away from children who were chasing it outside. Conference Services Manager Katie Nelson told CBS4 it stayed in the lobby about 10 to 20 minutes, lying on the floor. She said it's a pet-friendly hotel and thought at first it was a dog that had gotten off its leash.

moose on feet credit Katie nelson
The moose in the Antlers Hotel lobby (credit: Katie Nelson)

The calf is estimated at about a week old.

Mike Porras of Colorado Park's and Wildlife said human interaction with the moose led to wildlife officers tranquilizing the animal, and they took it to a rehab center in Fort Collins. He said the mother probably left the calf alone and humans chased it around town and it went into the hotel.

Porras said the human contact makes it hard for the moose to ever be released back into the wild. If you see a moose, best advice he says is to not approach it, to stay away.

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