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As Baby Formula Shortage Continues, Many Colorado Parents Turn To Each Other For Help

(CBS4) - Colorado moms are in desperation as the formula shortage continues.

"Most people have three days or less of formula," said Montgomery Smith, a Greeley mom. "They're scavenging to try to find what they need and not all babies can have just the classic formula."

Just two days ago, Smith started a Facebook group called "Where is The Formula-Colorado" to connect and help parents looking for formula in the area. Within hours, the group garnered hundreds of members.

"I've also had some single dads that have also wound up joining," she said. "I try to interact with everybody to see where the need is and how hard this is impacting people."

Now a bit of relief for those impacted most. On Sunday, the U.S. received its first plane-load of baby formula from Germany, as the Biden administration continues to try and resolve the shortage.

"It is a large shipment of very specific and specialized formula," said Tom Vilsack, the secretary of agriculture. "Formula for moms and dads for children who have allergies, where the regular formula just simply will not work.''

While Smith agrees this 78,000 pound shipment of formula will help in the short term, she's worried about the weeks to come.

"I think it will help a lot of the moms that are so desperate, that are down to less than 24 hours to feed their babies," she said. "I just get a little nervous, for down the road, if we can't fix the formula shortage, and we come back to this."

On Wednesday, baby formula makers will testify before Congress about the shortage.

Rep. Diane DeGette, a Democrat who represents Colorado's 1st Congressional District, is helping spearhead the ongoing investigation into the nationwide shortage of baby formula.

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