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Avalanche's Landeskog Represents International Anti-Bullying Initiative

DENVER (CBS4) - The face of the Colorado Avalanche is now the face of an anti-bullying group.

Gabriel Landeskog is one of the best players on the Avalanche, and now he's the best representative for a group called Friends.

"When I was in middle school I was chosen by my classmates to be the so called friend of the class," he said.

So now Landeskog is now helping the anti-bullying group from his home country of Sweden to go international by planting it in Colorado. And they're beginning with hockey players.

"This is something I think every family should be talking about at the dinner table, at breakfast, and just discussing how we treat each other," he said.

"He really helps us relay the message to everyone that we should be kind to each other," said a Friends representative.

Friends' philosophy urges adults and kids to find a solution to end bullying on an individual basis. It also spreads the simple message to be kind to one another.

Friends anti-bullying campaign
(credit: CBS)

"You could call it a whole community philosophy, or school or whole organization philosophy, but everyone at the school should be involved," said a representative.

Friends' first partnership is with the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association.

"They want to educate all their players and trainers and coaches and parents. I think that's a huge milestone as well," Landeskog said.

"Success will mean that we reduce bullying," said a Friends representative.

"Together I think we can make a big difference," said Landeskog.

The announcement came a day before the International Bullying Prevention Association's annual conference, which starts in Denver on Sunday.

LINK: Friends

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