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Avalanche Danger: Officials Warning People To Be Careful In High Country

(CBS4) -- Officials are warning people to be careful as the new powder in the high country is being measured in feet. This is what it looked like on Berthoud Pass, where a rider triggered an avalanche Sunday.

berthoud pass caic
(credit: CAIC)

The Colorado Avalanche Center warns that previous tracks do not mean a slope is safe.

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The orange on the map below shows the areas where the danger is rated as "considerable." You can see it stretches from north to south -- with a pocket of moderate danger near Grand Junction.

avalanche danger
(credit: CAIC)

There was even an avalanche in bounds at Steamboat Ski Resort Sunday. Fortunately, the ski patrol was able to quickly the dig out a trapped skier out and he is okay.

The CAIC also posted a picture from Friday showing cracks and snow collapsing -- they said these are tell tale signs of danger.

avalanche danger crack new
(credit: CAIC)
avalanche danger crack2
(credit: CAIC)

The storm that impacted the mountains from Thursday through Sunday brought over 40 inches in some areas -- including around Rabbit Ears Pass. And the Breckenridge ski area reported 42 inches of snow over the 4 day period.

(credit: CBS)

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