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2 Coloradans Launch Website That Helps People Going Through A Divorce

(CBS4) - Getting a divorce isn't easy -- the process can be scary, stressful and lonely. That's why two Coloradans launched a new website to help make the process a little more manageable.

Certified Divorce Coaches Nate Zorich and Jennifer Ciplet came up with Avail Divorce to create a better divorce experience than the one they had to go through. On CBSN Denver, we talked to Ciplet about why she believes this website was so necessary.

"Divorce can be very different for different people," says Ciplet. "A lot of times when people are starting a lot of the questions are, where do I start, what do I do, can I even afford to get divorced?"

Avail Divorce offers things like community forums, one-on-one coaching, and access to mental health experts to help answer those questions.

Ciplet and Zorich have also launched a co-parenting app to help families going through a divorce.

"I'm a co-parent with my ex, and our goal always is to keep our children at the center, and keep conflict low," says Ciplet. "This app puts everything in one place. You can keep a calendar and make requests. I think it's going to make a huge difference in the lives of the Colorado parents, because I think it's going to cut down on conflict and miscommunication."

Ciplet does have helpful advice to anyone who is going through a divorce.

"Know this isn't the end. This is the middle, so keep going. Just know that it is not going to always feel this painful and chaotic."

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