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Father Asks Community To Find Driver Who Ran Over Son, Fled

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - Police are searching for a hit-and-run suspect after two young boys were struck while they were walking on the sidewalk on Friday night. An 11-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital with a skull fracture and bleeding in his brain, according to his father.

"I cant imagine running over a bunch of little kids and not caring," said William Piazza, the father of the badly injured boy.

Juvey Peds Hit 3
William Piazza (credit: CBS)

Piazza said his son was walking with friends near Falcon Middle School to play basketball when he was hit. The boys were confirmed to be walking on the sidewalk, as blood and tire-mark evidence remained after the collision.

Piazza said he received the call ever parent dreads on Friday afternoon, from his son.

"I asked him what was happening, and he said Josh had been hit by a car, and was laying in the middle of the street screaming," Piazza said.

Piazza's son was taken to children's hospital. Only one other boy in the group was hit by the car, but escaped serious injury.

"Whoever it was drove on the sidewalk, hit them, and didn't even stop to see if they were okay," Piazza said.

Juvey Peds Hit 2
(credit: CBS)

The driver was described as operating a blue vehicle, possibly a small SUV or larger sedan. Neighbors said it might've had a green bumper.

The boys were unable to recall the make and model.

Piazza's son was released from the hospital under concussion watch Saturday night.

Juvey Peds Hit 1
(credit: Piazza family/CBS)

"His back is all skinned up and bruised," Piazza said.

His son had a hairline fracture on his skull and bleeding to his brain.

However, given the circumstances, Piazza considered his son lucky. He believed the prayers from the community and family kept his son from greater injury, or death.

While his son recovers, Piazza said he hoped the community could now focus their attention on finding the suspect.

"They were more interested in saving themselves than insuring they didn't kill somebody," Piazza said. "If they're willing to hit kids and run away, there is no moral line that they wont cross."

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