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2-Year-Old Dies After Falling From Father's Arms On Second Level Of Escalator In Aurora Town Center

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)- Aurora police are investigating what caused a child to fall from an escalator at the Town Center in Aurora on Sunday afternoon. The child was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries and died early Monday morning.

2 YEAR OLD CRITICAL AURORA MALL 10VO.transfer_frame_92
(credit: CBS)

Police said the boy fell out of his father's arms as they were on the escalator about 4:30 p.m. Sunday. Witnesses describe the boy as young and some saw him lying on the ground unconscious before emergency crews took him away.

Shortly after, police closed off the escalator where it happened, but many shoppers had no idea there was an accident. Those who were around to witness the scene said they felt worried for the little boy and his family.

2 YEAR OLD CRITICAL AURORA MALL 10VO.transfer_frame_399
(credit: CBS)

"I was in one of the shoe stores and I heard a lot of screaming, I heard a lady screaming, then out of nowhere the shop owner ran outside he was on the phone I heard him saying, that something happened, and he couldn't close the store because he had guests. And then he looked at me, he told me what happened that a little kid fell off the escalator," Cesar Solorzano said.

"It's just a reminder for parents even if you're holding onto your kids going down the escalator, you can never be too safe," another shopper said.

2 YEAR OLD CRITICAL AURORA MALL 10VO.transfer_frame_925
(credit: CBS)

Aurora police told CBS4 that so far in their preliminary investigation, this may have been an accident.

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