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Aurora residents displaced by explosion, now victims of theft

Aurora residents displaced by explosion, now victims of theft
Aurora residents displaced by explosion, now victims of theft 00:22

Hundreds of residents of the Parkside Collective Apartments were displaced when an explosion blew a hole in the building. One week later, Aurora police confirm that they are getting dozens of theft reports from residents.

"We took at least 10 today alone, and around 20 in the days prior. We anticipate more because there are still residents that have not yet returned to their apartments," Sgt. Faith Goodrich of the Aurora Police told CBS Colorado. 

Goodrich says the management company will have on-site security, and Aurora Police will be staffing officers at the scnee 24-hours-a-day. 


There's a gaping hole where an apartment wall once stood. It is just one of the several units of the Parkside Collective Apartments destroyed by the Saturday morning blast in Aurora. 

"It was a big explosion. We saw the whole wall going down," said resident Martin Valdivia.

The explosion left wires dangling and debris scattered about. Some residents had claimed they smelled gas, heard an alarm, were told to evacuate- then the giant boom.

Valdivia was almost caught, "I was right in front of the explosion and a girl in front of me got wood in her head."


Xcel Energy is now saying that its gas emergency response team found no indication any of its equipment was responsible. The gas meter was shut off before the team arrived.

Anderson Rojas like many of the residents has been placed in a hotel by the building management, but the question is for how long.

He explained that his wife is pregnant with twins. They were given a few minutes Sunday to gather their belongings inside, but are without money and staying in a hotel while they can.

The building management company has not responded to calls from CBS News Colorado. 


Aurora Fire and Rescue is trying to determine how and why the blast occurred. The Red Cross is assisting residents of the building with insurance forms and other matters. 

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