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Police: Armed Intruder Found Dead As Police Kill Armed Homeowner

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - Aurora police responded to a home near East Montview Boulevard and Iola Street early Monday morning. They say they received a 911 call saying someone was breaking into a home.

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Officer-involved shooting on East Montview Blvd. (credit: CBS)

When they arrived, officers say they heard gunshots and were approached by a man with a gun. That's when an officer opened fire and killed the man. They later learned that man lived at the home.

AURORA MONTVIEW OIS INTRO 6VO.transfer_frame_239
(credit: CBS)

Investigators later entered the home and found a child who was hurt and the intruder who was dead on the bathroom floor.

"We are dealing with several people involved in this incident. If there's somebody, maybe witnesses that we haven't spoken to, we're definitely asking for them to give us a call," said Kenneth Forrest, a spokesman with Aurora police.

AURORA MONTVIEW OIS INTRO 6VO.transfer_frame_124
(credit: CBS)

Neighbors tell CBS4 the suspect kicked down the victim's door while he was naked. They say the victim is a man in his 60s. They also say a young girl witnessed everything and ran across the street to get help.

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