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Lakewood Police Agent Who Shot And Killed Shooting Spree Gunman Released From Hospital

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)- Lakewood Police Agent Ashley Ferris, who was shot in the line of duty during a deadly shooting spree the final week of 2021 has been released from the hospital. Ferris was released from the hospital on Thursday and greeted by her fellow officers.

Agent Ferris Released From Hospi_joel.hillan_frame_1338
(credit: Lakewood Police)

Ferris continues her recovery outside of the hospital, according to the police department.

Agent Ferris Released From Hospi_joel.hillan_frame_1789
(credit: Lakewood Police)

Lakewood police officials say Ferris shot and killed the gunman, Lyndon McLeod, who ultimately killed five people on Dec. 27. They say he encountered Ferris at Alaska and Vance Streets in the Belmar shopping center. Ferris ordered him to drop his weapon as he walked toward her. He then shot her in the abdomen.

Agent Ferris Released From Hospi_joel.hillan_frame_2106
(credit: Lakewood Police)

While on the ground, Ferris shot McLeod, killing him.

According to a city document from 2018, Ferris received the Lakewood Police Department Lifesaving Award for her actions in helping revive a woman who was involved in a medical emergency near Alameda Avenue and Pierce Street.

Ferris helped deliver CPR on the woman until she started breathing again.

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