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'There Will Be Arrests': Boulder Police Using Video From Massive Party To Identify People Who Attended

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BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) -- The chief of police said they have "excellent" video of a large party that got out of control on University Hill in Boulder Saturday night -- and said there would be arrests. Police said people at the party threw rocks and bottles at officers and first responders, flipped a car and caused thousands of dollars in damage to a SWAT vehicle. Investigators said they will use video from the officers' body cameras to identify people who attended, and urged people to submit any video they have.

boulder party riot university hill disturbance
(credit: anonymous)

Police said 500-800 people gathered near 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, many not wearing masks. Boulder County is under Level Yellow restrictions and personal gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed.

Police tried several tactics, beginning in the afternoon, to break up the party and disperse the crowd, but when things began to escalate, officers did not go into the crowd to make arrests.

According to Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold, three officers suffered minor injuries after people in the crowd threw bottles, rocks, and other objects.

Boulder Party 2 (credit Boulder Daily Camera)
(credit: Boulder Daily Camera)

"It would not be considered a best practice to send officers in to this crowd," Chief Herold said during a news conference Sunday. "It's much better to videotape this type of behavior and make the arrests after."

"But believe me, we have excellent body worn camera video and the community is sending us video," Chief Herold stated. "There will be arrests."

Investigators are urging people who attended the party to come forward and turn over any video or photos they have. People are urged to use the online Evidence Submission Portal.

"I would encourage the people involved to take responsibility, and step forward. In fact, that's often a mitigating circumstance we look at when someone's involved in a criminal act," said District Attorney Michael Doherty stated.

Investigators said they are looking first to identify those students who engaged in acts of violence and property destruction, and other misconduct toward first responders. Second, they will be looking for the people who hosted the neighborhood party. And third, they will be looking at disciplinary action for those who attended or failed to disperse.

"The actions that the people engaged in last night were dangerous, selfish, and in fact, criminal," said Doherty.

In addition to reviewing video and talking to witnesses who come forward, Herold said there will also be undercover officers out "seeking intelligence."

Investigators also said residents on The Hill can expect to see increased police patrols in the area.


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