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'Annie' Gets Fresh Staging At BDT Stage

BOULDER, Colo (CBS4) - BDT Stage is performing the beloved Broadway musical "Annie."

"Annie" (credit CBS)

Based on a comic strip, "Annie" tells the story of precocious orphan, Annie, who lives in 1930's New York City. Annie is able to escape the orphanage, meet a President, and find a new home with "Daddy Warbucks."

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Critic-At-Large Greg Moody's review:

"Annie is one of the great war horse musicals of classic Broadway. It's been performed big and small on Broadway, tour, regional and community stages. 

Annie (1)
"Annie" (credit CBS)

Everyone's done it. Everyone's seen it. But I've come to believe that the show only works if you have three key characters cast correctly: "Annie," "Miss Hannigan," and "Daddy Warbucks." BDT Stage got the correct cast. 

Annie (3)
"Annie" (credit CBS)

Darcy Keating as "Annie" is a knock-out, raising the roof every time she breaks into song. It's also a treat when you get to see Annie Dwyer or Wayne Kennedy on stage. 

"Annie" is so well known you can recite most of the show in your sleep, but Boulder's Dinner Theatre gives it a fresh spin that let me realize why I first enjoyed the show so many years ago." 


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