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Anadarko: Join Us For Independence Eve At Civic Center Park

By Raetta Holdman

DENVER (CBS) - For seven years, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation has teamed up with the Civic Center Conservancy to make sure the 4th of July party really gets started in Denver. That's the Independence Eve celebration at Civic Center Park.

"We just really love this event," said Brad Holly, Senior Vice President of Anadarko. "Independence day is a great holiday for us to celebrate. It reminds us of what we try to do as Anadarko which is bring energy, security and independence to our country and the people of Colorado."

This year, Anadarko is doing a bit more than just hosting the event, it's also providing some of the music in the person of Travis Holland.

He's a 20-year employee at the company who will be signing the National Anthem.

"I was volunteered," he explained, "but I'm flattered to be asked and it's a real privilege. I'm a patriot and really love the country and the significance of the holiday."

Just how was he volunteered? "I auditioned to sing at Cheyenne Frontier Days for one of the rodeos up there and somebody snitched on me and told somebody in the company. The next thing I knew, they said 'Hey, maybe you should try this.' Again I'm thrilled for the opportunity."

travis holland anadarko accounting advisor national anthem singer
Travis Holland is the Anadarko accounting advisor and the National Anthem singer (credit: CBS)

Playing a role in the program Sunday night reflects the role Anadarko wants in the state. The energy company employees more than 1,200 people across the state. About 600 work at the offices in downtown Denver. Another large group works in Weld County.

Guide To Independence Eve

Many of those employees will be in Civic Center Park Sunday night.

"We feel like we got a lot out of interacting with the public, getting to know people," Holly said. "We like letting them know that Anadarko is a company that cares about Colorado, cares about the people here, cares about the great wonderful place that our state is and the opportunity to live here, work here. We're just really happy to provide energy to allow us to do that."

Fireworks At Independence Eve 2015 Display
(credit: CBS)

And Holland is more than just a pretty voice. He's an accounting advisor at Anadarko.

"I've loved working for Anadarko and I'm no just being a nice guy," Holland said. "It's a company that lives its core values which is important to me personally. I have convictions so I enjoy working for a company that provides products that people use every day and makes our lives better and does it in a way that is responsible, with an eye to the environment."

Those core values include giving back to the communities, both through volunteering but also by being a responsible business.

Holland is responsible for paying the company's tax bills and in April, he said that meant almost $170 million in payments, much to Weld County.

"When you start thinking about the percentages maybe 40 or 50 million of that goes to K-12 education," Holland said. "So our being here is important to this community and we're making a difference I think."

But when it comes to Independence Eve, Anadarko really wants everyone to join the party and understand the company.

"We live here. we work here, we're on the same baseball teams, sporting events, church groups and schools," Holly said. "This is the place we live and we're very committed to being great neighbors and great partners"

"We want the same things that everyone else enjoys, so we try to bring abundant, affordable energy so people can live independent lives and people can live a better life."

Raetta Holdman is a veteran newscast producer. She's been with CBS4 for more than 25 years, coordinating events -- large and small -- from the control room. Contact her by clicking here.

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