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'American Mariachi' Explores The Transformation Made By Music

DENVER (CBS4) - "American Mariachi" is a musical, a comedy, and a drama all-in-one. It tells the story of Lucha, as she tries to start an all-female mariachi band. It's a break with tradition and sparks a transformation in the lives of those around her. "American Mariachi" is playing at the Stage Theatre through February 25th.

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"American Mariachi" (credit DCPA)

CBS4 Critic-At-Large Greg Moody review:

It's a show about music and memory, tradition, culture and somehow reaching into the past to unlock the memories that are drifting away. 

"American Mariachi" by Jose Cruz Gonzalez has been developed and nurtured by the Denver Center Theatre Company, and it's easy to see why. It's that rare show that brings tears and laughter, while using musical tradition to deal with modern issues. 

"American Mariachi" (credit DCPA)

Lucha is a young woman determined to relight her mother's memory through mariachi, and in doing so, takes the audience on a journey of discovery: her own, her friends, her family, and one of the music itself. While both tender and funny, the show races along almost too quickly, painting both characters and situations with very board strokes. I wanted more to savor, but in the end I truly did enjoy "American Mariachi."

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