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American Furniture Warehouse donates to newly formed family

American Furniture Warehouse donates furniture to newly formed family
American Furniture Warehouse donates furniture to newly formed family 03:26

Raise the Future helps kids find permanent placement and provides resources to families after they are adopted.

That work is possible thanks to generous donations from Coloradoans and sponsors like American Furniture Warehouse, who have been proud supporters of Raise the Future for years.

This year it continued what has become a tradition by donating new furniture to a newly formed family.

Madison and Tierenny arrived at American Furniture Warehouse with their adopted sons Dominic and Elijah, along with their young daughter Katella and a clear idea of what they wanted to bring home.

"One thing that the boys talked about was having a fireplace and having a place to sit outside and make smores," Tierenny told CBS News Colorado as they perused the furniture on the showroom floor.              

American Furniture Warehouse President and CEO Jake Jabs was there to greet them and present them with a $1,000 gift card. 

That gave them more than enough for a fire pit, so the family decided to pick out a patio set to make it that much easier to spend time outside as a family.


"We were going into it like wow this is great this is such a blessing, we might pick out like one item or something... that would be really nice. Then we ended up getting a whole set and the fire pit and everything we were just blown away," Madison told CBS News Colorado as the furniture was delivered to their home.

Tierenny says that letting Dominic and Elijah pick out something for their new home was very important to them as a family.

"Having something that's in the home that is theirs too, that they had the opportunity to pick out and choose and decide on," Tierenny said.                        

Having a choice is important to Dominic and Elijah after years of being uprooted and moved from home to home in the foster care system.

"You just don't know what's gonna happen. Maybe you'll get adopted, maybe you won't, maybe you'll go back," Elijah said.

But once the brothers came home with Madison and Tierenny, they knew it was forever.

"We told them no matter what we're always gonna love you. You could burn the house down. We're gonna love you. We're here. We're locked in," Tierenny said.

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