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Allen Davies Imprisoned For Holding Gun To Neck Of Tow Truck Driver After His Vehicle Was Towed

BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) - A 35-year-old Federal Heights man was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison after he threatened to kill a tow truck driver for towing his vehicle.

The judge gave Allen Gregory Davies credit for the 348 days he has already served behind bars since the incident a year ago.

Allen Gregory Davies
(credit: Adams County)

The encounter happened at 4:50 a.m. on June 7, 2021, a short distance from the tow company's yard in the 200 block of East 55th Avenue in unincorporated Adams County. It was witnessed by a security guard at one neighboring building and a worker on a meal break at another.

Davies allegedly jumped on the driver's side running board of the Colorado Auto Recovery tow truck, held a gun to the driver's neck, and told the driver he would kill him if he didn't return his vehicle, according to the arrest affidavit in the case.

The driver "felt as though he was going to die," the affidavit stated.

Davies was allegedly distracted by an incoming phone call in the truck. The tow truck's driver took the opportunity to pin Davies's arm against the window and pressed the accelerator. The driver swerved over a curb and hit a roadway sign. Davies was knocked off the truck.

Davies then reportedly stood up and fired two shots from a handgun at the fleeing tow truck. Investigators from the Adams County Sheriff's Office later found a .40-caliber bullet and a .40-caliber bullet in the street.

After firing his gun, Davies then returned to his car that he'd used to cut off the tow truck as it left the yard and drove away.

The tow truck driver spun around to pursue Davies but pulled over when his truck began to mechanically falter. It was after he called 911 that he noticed texts from the company warning of an male who called the business and threatened to come to the yard and shoot drivers in order to get possession his truck, a red 1996 Chevrolet Blazer.

Investigators quickly determined the company had towed that vehicle from an address at the Denver Cascade Mobile Home Community in Federal Heights. Davies was the registered owner of the Blazer.

When investigators visited Davies's address four days after the incident, the same car that had been used to cut off the tow truck was parked in the driveway. It, too, was registered to Davies.

The tow company also produced an audio recording from another driver who towed the red Blazer. That tow truck driver began recording after Davies threatened to kill him in a profanity-laden argument about a half hour before the shooting.

"Bring my f---ing car back or you die tonight, mother f---er," a man was overheard saying to that tow truck driver, per the affidavit.

The tow truck driver whom Davies threatened later picked him out of a photo lineup. A judge signed an arrest warrant and Davies was taken into custody two weeks later.

Last month, Davies agreed to plea guilty to 1st Degree Assault w/ a Deadly Weapon. Felony menacing and attempted murder charges were dismissed in exchange.


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