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CU Aerospace Engineers Launch Rockets Built By Students At Windsor High School

WINDSOR, Colo. (CBS4) - Students at Windsor High School in northern Colorado were given the opportunity to combine rocket science with studying altitudes and velocities. Students at WHS teamed up with CU-Boulder Aerospace Engineering's Matt Rhode to study physics through rocket launches.

students (2)
(credit: Weld RE-4 School District)

Students in Steve Cline's Robotics class, part of the Weld RE-4 District, built and coded the Data Acquisition Units (DAQ) that were put in the rockets. The rockets were built by students in Brian Ash's AP Physics class.

students (3)
(credit: Weld RE-4 School District)

Thanks to CU's Community Outreach and Engagement Program students were able to watch their projects launch into the skies of Weld County.

students (4)
(credit: Weld RE-4 School District)

After the launches students accessed the data collected in the rockets. Students were able to review the altitude and speed of the rockets during the project.

students (1)
(credit: Weld RE-4 School District)
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