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Adopted Daughter Changes Colorado House Speaker's Life

DENVER (CBS4) – A married gay couple in Denver say their daughter has changed their lives, and they thank the foster care system for completing their family.

Lila is only 2, but her fathers -- Colorado House Speaker Rep. Mark Ferrandino and Greg Wertsch -- say she has no shortage of personality or energy. Having her in their lives has been a big change for the two men who are used to juggling fast paced careers, but they both now say they couldn't imagine life without Lila.

"She has brought so much more love to us and happiness to us than we can ever bring to her. It has definitely changed everything in our lives for the better," Ferrandino said.

The spouses researched and learned about the foster care system before they adopted Lila.

"There are so many different kids with different stories, who have different needs, but they all need loving families," Ferrandino said.

The parents first met their daughter for the first time at the hospital when Lila was getting some testing. It was there that the 8-month-old stole their hearts and the two became a family of three.

Lila had no problem getting settled in her new home. She rides her bike, runs and climbs around. Ferrandino says she never stops moving.

Aug. 28, 2013 was Adoption Day in Denver. Dozens of new families were recognized, including Lila's.

"When we got the call that day about Lila. It was amazing that there was a little girl that wanted to be with us," Wertsch said.

The new parents hope to inspire other people to adopt children as well.

CBS4 partner The Adoption Exchange says there are 500 children needing families in Colorado.

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- Written for by Makenzie O'Keefe

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