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A Line Quiet Zones Will Go Into Effect March 1

DENVER (CBS4)- The RTD A Line train from Union Station to Denver International Airport will soon be quieter. The quiet zones will begin on that route starting March 1.

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Quiet zones have been established for the A Line which means that the commuter rail trains will no longer routinely use their horns when approaching crossings.

RTD says the Federal Railroad Administration approved a waiver for the constant warnings. The transit company says it's a major milestone and a long time coming.

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"It's monumental if you live right along the A Line that on March 1, they will hear many fewer train horns than they hear today. So, for those citizens it's going to be spectacular," said RTD CEO and General Manager Dave Genova.

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Train operators will continue to use train horns when they are needed as additional safety precautions. Gates, lights and bells will also continue at crossings at a warning to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

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