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5 Most Scenic Walking Trails In Denver

Washington ParkWashington Park (credit: Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
Denver has more than 80 miles of walking trails to enjoy. Walking is beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. A stroll around the park gets the heart pumping and the legs moving, helping to relieve stress and elevate the mood. A scenic walk is just what the doctor ordered for the whole family.

The weather is perfect, cool and the sun is out. Bundle the fam up, pack a backpack with snacks and bottled water to hit the trails and make some happy, carefree memories. More happiness in life equals experiencing a lot less undue stress. Sometimes, taking a walk is all it takes.

Here are five of the most scenic walking trails in Denver and what makes each location worth visiting. Walk the Bear Creek Trail for "a taste of the country in the city," take a meandering river walk or enjoy a stroll by the lake at a city or neighborhood park near you.

Bear Creek Trail
Between South Platte River in Denver and Morrison

Access to this trail is easiest from the South Platte River Trail. Residents refer to Bear Creek Trail as "a taste of the country in the city." The scenic path runs along Bear Creek to the foothills and includes views of the city's open space and grasslands. To the east is Denver's skyline and to the west is the mountains.

City Park
2001 Colorado Blvd
Denver, CO 80205

City Park is the largest park in Denver. You can choose to take a leisurely stroll around Ferril Lake or add a few more miles to your pedometer by walking the trail along the perimeter of the park, which is about three miles in circumference. City Park has some of the most amazing views of the mountains, city skyline and evening sunset. The fountain in the middle of the lake completes the scenery.

South Platte River Greenway

The key to walking the greenway, which runs for 28 miles through the Denver metro area, is to pick a destination to stop at and grab a drink and something to eat. Then, turn around. Whether you are starting near Confluence Park or in Cherry Creek, this is an excellent easy walking trail for the family. There's a lot for the kids to take in with the rushing of the South Platte River and the sounds city just above. The family will want to do this walk again and again. Biking is also an option.

Sloan's Lake
1700 N Sheridan Blvd
Denver, CO 80214

Sloan's Lake Park is the second largest park in Denver, the first being City Park. It takes about 50 minutes to walk around it. You can take a break in the gazebo area with bench seating. This is a great place to enjoy the lake and its views. Like City Park, Sloan's Lake also has an awesome view of the Denver skyline, the mountains and the evening sunset.

Washington Park
S. Downing St. & E. Louisiana Ave
Denver, CO 80210

The landscaping at Wash Park is gorgeous. The walk around the park trail is about 2.5 miles and there are two lakes to enjoy. You'll see beautiful tall trees, flowers, people and dogs. What's more? The sunset shimmering off the water put Washington Park on our list of most scenic walking trails in Denver. When the weather permits, do dinner at the park. Sunset trumps candlelight any night.

Lonza Dennis is the founder and creative director of First Class Fashionista, a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog based in Denver. Lonza is a freelance writer with an expert understanding of the role social media plays in networking, business development and marketing.

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