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4 More People Claim Treatment By Veterinarian, Victim Tells Story

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)- The case against a veterinarian from Greeley who is accused of treating people is growing. Four more people have come forward with claims they were also treated by the animal doctor.

Police began their investigation on Fran Freemyer last week when one person came forward. That person is David Dickson.

"After I lost my toe I just felt like I had to tell somebody," said Dickson.

Police confirmed that Freemyer, 78, was unauthorized to provide medical treatments to humans. He was cited for practicing medicine without a license.

On Thursday the Colorado Medical Board issued a cease and desist order for the unlicensed practice of medicine to Freemyer.

Dickson said he had been visiting doctors for months to treat an ongoing foot infection. That's when a family friend said a doctor in Greeley may be able to help.

"I knew that he was doing something illegal. I knew that," said Dickson. "I was getting desperate, I guess."

Dickson said that Freemyer treated him with "Dermex" and experimental animal cancer drug.

Fran Freemyer
Fran Freemyer (credit: CBS)

"We went two weeks later and he applied the same stuff. I gave him a $100 bill in an envelope and handed it to him," said Dickson.

That's when his infection went from bad to worse.

"I went to the ER and I was there for five, six, seven days. They treated me and ended up taking both toes," said Dickson.

Freemyer told CBS4 last week, "I don't treat people."

He also denied ever treating Dickson.

"I treat dogs, cats, horses, fish and anything that comes in the door except people," said Freemyer.

Now four others have come forward with claims that Freemyer treated them. Police expect others will follow.

"We have had at least four other people who've contacted our detectives with regards to their involvement with him and the treatment they received," said Greeley Police Sgt. Susan West.

Freemyer works at Eldred Small Animal Hospital at 1825 9th Street. Police the man went to him with a foot ailment and the vet gave him ointment. The problem got worse and he went to a hospital.

"I just want to see him lose his license. For one thing I'd like to see him put out of business," said Dickson.

Additional Resources

Greeley police released the following information related to this case:

At this time, police believe others may have been treated by Dr. Freemyer and are asking that anyone who may have received treatment or who may have information regarding this investigation to contact Detective Mike Heck at 970-350-9617.

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