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Wildlife Officers Put Down 3rd Coyote Involved In Attacking Man

NIWOT, Colo. (CBS4)- Wildlife officers have located and put down a third coyote that attacked a man walking to work early Monday morning.

The man was walking to work in the Niwot area northeast of Boulder at 5 a.m. when he heard the animals coming up behind him. One of the coyotes was large and the other two were smaller.

Andrew Dickehage, 22, was walking along 75th Avenue at 5 a.m. Monday when the attack occurred. He said he's thankful it happened to him rather than a child or elderly person because the attack could have resulted in much more serious injuries or even death.

One of the coyotes was large and the other two smaller. Earlier this week wildlife officers put down two of the coyotes they believe were involved.

They plan to examine all three animals to search for signs of disease.

Wildlife officials say the aggressive behavior is not typical for the animals, which generally only get defensive of their young or if someone or something is near their food supply.

Dickehage said the attack took place over about a 70 yard stretch of road before he could finally get away from them.

He was taken to Longmont United Hospital and treated for his injuries to his face, head and neck.

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