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2 Dead After Car Wreck At Aurora Intersection

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) - Two people are dead after a car crash in Aurora, including a baby who was three months old.

The accident happened on Sunday night near the intersection of 17th and Potomac, on the 17th Place bridge off Fitzsimmons Parkway.

So far it's not clear who is at fault in the wreck. Police say the teenage driver of a pickup claims he had the green light in his favor at the intersection leading to the on and off ramp for Interstate 225.

Three people were in the red SUV that truck ended up crashing into and two of them died. Police said they were Jaime Humberto Ramerez-Lopez, 40, the driver and the baby's grandfather, and Kataley Ramerez-Cespedes, the baby.

"I heard a big old bang and I looked up over the bridge and the light pole was moving," said Sara Macias, who lives close to where the crash happened.

Macias knows CPR and ran over, hoping to help, but she said she was too late. She arrived just before the baby died.

"I heard (the baby) cry when I got to the car," Macias said. "And as I went around to the mother, the mother said 'My baby stopped crying.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, she stopped crying but maybe she just fainted or something.' "

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"The light pole and the abutement caused severe damage to the left side of the SUV. It appears that is what killed the driver -- an adult male -- and a small child in the seat directly behind the driver," said Lt. Jeff Turner.

Police initially told CBS4 the infant was properly placed in a car seat and where she needed to be in the back seat, but then on Monday they stated that further investigation revealed the seat wasn't properly secured to the vehicle.

"It's a tragedy, it's too bad. Obviously a mistake by one of them, and it's very costly," Turner said.

The female in that car, Ramerez-Cespedes' grandmother, survived and was taken to a hospital, where she was listed in critical condition. Police said it was expected that she will survive.

The people in the pickup, described as teenagers, did not go to the hospital.

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Aurora police released the following bulletin to the media in relation to their investigation:

We have heard that there may be a Spanish speaking female witness who observed the accident and the traffic signal lights. We would appreciate if she or anyone else who witnessed this accident contacts Detective Terry Allen at 303-739-6351.

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