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150+ Children Join Forever Families On National Adoption Day

DENVER (CBS4)- More than 150 children in Colorado will remember Friday forever as the day they officially joined their forever families. It is National Adoption Day.

Colorado courts celebrated by finalizing the adoptions of dozens of foster children.

"The court therefore enters the final decree of adoption in this case and congratulations to all of you," said one Denver judge.

Children like Terrell and Gerald who will now call Dominique Leupi "Mom" from now on.

"Adoption is a wonderful experience and there are so many amazing children who can bring such happiness to your lives if you can open up your heart and your home and welcome them," said Leupi. "I wanted a family and I got two of the best kids that were waiting for families."

"I think it's great because you get to stay in a home forever and don't have to go place to place," said Terrell.

"I love her and I've had her for so long and she's just part of my family now," said adoptive mother Sharon Gruyarloe.

"I love her. She's nice and sharing," said Sharon's daughter Tyquesha.

Adoptions mean a lot to CBS4 where there is a partnership with The Adoption Exchange for 30 years to find homes for foster children.

Right now there are 277 children still waiting for homes in Colorado.

Wednesday's Child is a regular feature every Wednesday on CBS4 that features children looking for a forever family.

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