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10 Years Ago One Of The Worst Blizzards Ever Hit Denver

DENVER (CBS4) - Ten years ago this week the scene outside was much different. Those who lived in Denver no doubt remember the March 2003 blizzard.

Approximately three feet of snow fell across most of the metro area. Once strong winds kicked up, snow drifts could be measured around six feet. Many communities got even more snow. Seven feet of snow was seen in the foothills.

The blizzard was one of the worst since records began in 1872.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the estimated cost of property damage alone, not including large commercial buildings, was $93 million.

Two people suffered heart attacks while shoveling the heavy snow in Aurora and died.

PHOTO GALLERY: 10 Years Ago: The Blizzard Of 2003

Many vehicles got stranded along Interstate 70 east of Gun Club Road. The National Guard had to be called out to rescue the travelers.

Approximately 135,000 people lost power during the storm. It took several days for power to be restored in some areas.

Denver Area Blizzard, March 2003
(credit: CBS)

Denver International Airport was closed and about 4,000 travelers were stranded, and the weight of the heavy snow also caused one of the tents atop Jeppesen Terminal to rip.

The storm officially dumped 31.8 inches of snow at the site of the former Stapleton International Airport.

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