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Coalition Of Women Restaurateurs Puts Together Thanksgiving Meals For Afghan Refugees

CHICAGO (CBS) -- When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, some Afghan refugees escaped to Chicago.

Now, they will spend their first Thanksgiving in the city – and the women restaurateurs' coalition Let's Talk Womxn Chicago is making sure everyone eats a good meal.

They bagged up hundreds of dinners for shelters, and made special meals for Afghan refugees. And it happens that they threw their plan together just Tuesday.

"And within 24 hours, we had close to 400 meals and all of these desserts," said Rohini Dey of the restaurant Vermilion.

"We should be doing this more often, but primarily during the holidays," said Daniela Recillas of the restaurant Forastero.

"If you're willing to just put yourself out there and share, it comes back to you a hundredfold in ways you can never imagine," said Deann Bayless of the restaurant Frontera.

Some meals will go to children who have been separated from their parents. There are also special halal meals for those who observe Muslim tradition.

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