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Woman Who Fought For Same-Sex Marriage In Indiana Dies Of Cancer

(CBS) -- A 38-year-old Munster, Indiana, woman who led the way last year for legalizing same-sex marriage in Indiana has died of ovarian cancer.

It was last spring when Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler fought for recognition of their same-sex marriage in Indiana and a federal judge granted that motion.

Niki Quasney had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer four years before that. Paul Castillo was the attorney for Lambda Legal who represented the couple.


"Niki was an incredibly brave and adventurous mother of two daughters. She loved being outdoors and focusing on the love of her children, her wife - and focusing on living each day to the fullest."

Castillo says the marriage of Niki Quasney and Amy Sandler helped pave the way for same-sex marriage in Indiana. That happened last October.

Quasney died on Thursday - more than five years after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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